iPhone 6s Giveaway 2k16

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This giveaway is sponsored and supported by various companies looking to promote their upcoming businesses. The iPhone 6 will be ABSOLUTELY FREE!
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  1. By entering our giveaway, you are bound by these Official iPhone 6 Giveaway rules.
  2. Free iPhone 6 delivery will may take 2-4 business working days.
  3. Please note that free iPhones that are given away are not unlocked versions. However, you may choose your carriers.
  4. If the winner does not claim his or her free iPhone 6 within three days of the announcement of winners that is by Wednesday, delivery will be canceled.
  5. You may apply for multiple times within a week. Some tickets will increase your chance of winning.
  6. This free iPhone 6 giveaway program is subjected to terms & services in association with the brandings mentions below. The program may be terminated without any prior notice.
  7. Please verify that you are a human by completing the survey or install apps. You'll be emailed a free ticket number as soon as the survey completes.

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